iPhone Adventures

UAC Arch Texas State University

Photo taken with iPhone X

Welcome to my photography page. I started my photography journey in April of 2015. My first camera was a Nikon D5100 and it was amazing to me. After not too long, I got GAS or as most call it Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I accumulated way to much camera gear and never used it. So, I got rid of it all. From now on photos will be taken with my phone. Currently I use an iPhone X.

I’ll be exploring mobile photography here. You can expect reviews on the phone(s) that I use, the accessories and attachments I use as well as the mobile photography apps that I utilize to get the photos that I want. All of these elements combine to make the perfect picture.

A DSLR is nice, but it is also bulky. My plan with this page is to show you that good photography does not have to involve an expensive camera. In addition I would like to to show you that the best camera is the one that you have with you. Now that almost all phones have a camera any one can become a photographer.

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