Semester Wrap Up


One of my favorite bowls of ramen from Toro Ramen and Poke Barn.

Throughout this semester I have shared my ramen experiences with you. I found that ramen specifically the type found in restaurants is quite pricey. Eating ramen or eating out in general is not conducive to  a college student trying to save every penny.  It has been a fun semester however, and I have learned many lessons about content creation and ramen restaurants in central Texas alike.

Using a content management system like Word Press made creating a website painless. Word Press takes the headache out of designing a website by providing a vast array of templates, many that are free, which eliminated the hardships of web design and allowed me to write about ramen and ramen restaurants. I’d say my favorite tools were the media tab and the widgets tab. The media tab allowed me to add images and even a video to my website. The widgets tab allowed me to add widgets to the website, my favorite being the view counter which you can see at the very bottom of this page.

I could care less for the pages tool as once a new page was created only one post could be written on it, so if I wanted to converge many blogs into one website I would have to start another word press URL.

This experience has taught me that providing content, quality content to boot, is  a full time job. In the future having the knowledge of how to utilize a CMS such as word press may help me to streamline a customer’s or even a family member’s ideas into a low cost easy to manage website for them. The possibilities are endless as long as there is an idea.

As I said above, I really enjoy the ease at which Word Press lets me add photos to my website. In the future I plan to create a photography business in which I will make galleries of my photos. This will let potential and returning customers see my work as it progresses.

Now for the statistics

Weekly statistics from January through April.

During the week of February 5, 2018 I received the most visitors to my website with 34 views from 11 visitors . My most popular post of the semester was Cold With a Chance of Noodles with 24 views.  I have reason to believe that the tags I attached to this post helped it to be found by internet searches easier than it would have been found without the tags. The audience that my blog reached was surprising to me. Aside from America, I had visitors from Canada, India and Hong Kong. The internet and web connect people that would otherwise never communicate with each other, and that never ceases to amaze me.

Over the duration of this project I gave notification of new posts through Twitter. My twitter following and engagement in dismal at best, so I will not be sharing too many statistics from it. I did notice however that impression numbers far out numbered engagement numbers on all posts regarding this website. Some posts received hundreds of impressions, and received zero engagements or link clicks.

This website was a fun and informative jump into the world of digital media and content creation with which I plan to carry forward into the future. I think I’ve eaten enough ramen to warrant taking a ramen-hiatus though so I’ll leave the tasting up to you. さようなら (sayōnara)

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