Returning to Toro

My first ramen review this semester was at Toro Ramen and Poke Barn. Contrary to my financial situation and the last few entries I decided to go back to this restaurant. I feel that I may have praised the restaurant a little a little too much the first time around and decided to see if the restaurant could repeat or even improve from my first visit.

Immediately upon walking in I was hit with a blast from the past, a smell that took me back to my childhood. The entry smelled like my Japanese grandmother’s house when I was a kid. I let it slide, sat at the table and perused the menu. I wanted to try a different ramen dish, so ordering the same ramen as before was a task I did not want to repeat. If you recall, one of the aspects of Toro that I was, and still am, ecstatic about is the ramen combos. Wanting the most ramen combo bang for my buck I ordered the Chicken Rich Ramen with agedashi tofu as the side dish. Most of the ramens on the menu come with some sort of meat. This one as you may have guessed comes with karaage chicken, a bowl of crispy fried chicken pieces.

My tofu came first and I ate it quickly. It was as I expected it to be, lightly fried, set in its dipping sauce and topped with fish flakes. The ramen and chicken were delivered to me shortly after I finished the agedashi tofu. The noodles were excellent and the broth was delicious. Towards the bottom of the bowl the broth began to taste milky which was strange to me. The chicken on the other hand tasted fine, but resembled Tyson Any’tzers Popcorn Chicken more than it did the karaage chicken of Japan.

One item I would like to note was the lack of staff the restaurant had on hand. There seemed to be only two staff members handling everything in the entire restaurant. I waited a good while to get my food/check. This visit was less enjoyable than my first, but I’ll be back as this is by far the best ramen spot in San Marcos, Texas.

I’d also like to add that if you are interested in working for Toro Ramen and Poke Barn they are looking for wait staff and kitchen help as noted by a sign on their door on April 14, 2018.

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