Too hot to handle…

A deal was made

Last week I posted about eating instant ramen. This week ramen restaurants are still very much out of budget for me, so we will continue on the path of instant ramen noodles. My roommate eats instant ramen like a fish breaths water. Knowing this I asked if he wanted to trade ramen, very much like we traded Pokémon cards as kids. He obliged, and a deal was struck.

ramen package

Nongshim Shin Ramyun

Ramen was made

I noticed the quality of the packaging almost immediately. Trying to open this package proved to be difficult; I had to resort to a kitchen knife to get the job done. Feeling defeated 1) I boiled water in my ramen pot. 2) Once the water was boiling I placed the noodles, flavor packet, and vegetable packet into the pot. After a few minutes the noodles were brought back to life. 3) I added some greens to the ramen to add a little bit of nutritional value. The greens did not affect the flavor.


Ramen Run Report

I can say with full confidence that this ramen was one of the best if not the best instant ramen soups that I’ve ever had. To start, the the noodles had a little bit of bite to them and created some resistance to my teeth. The texture and feel of the noodles informed my body and soul that this soup was one of substance, an actual meal. As you may have noticed from the picture of the package at the top of the page this particular flavor is Shin Ramyun. I severely underestimated what that meant. I’ve not eaten anything so spicy in a long time. My lips were on fire. My tongue was on fire. The flavor was unbeatable but repeatable.

If you are in the mood for ramen but don’t have the funds to goto a restaurant I can’t recommend this ramen enough. Head to your local grocer and pick up some NongShim Shin Ramyun today!

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