A change of plans…

Ok, so as you know I am a college student. As you also might know eating out at all of the fine ramen restaurants is costly if not down right expensive. So I’m going to have to take a break from taking all of you fine patrons on my  ラーメン runs (ramen) to try out the best ramen.

To shift gears I figured, what is the stereotypical staple of budget college diets every where? Did you say Ramen? If you didn’t there’s still time. But the answer is ramen. For the next few posts I’ll be trying out some different store bought ramens. Everyone has heard about the 25 cent pack of ramen or the cup of ramen, and most that have tried them have a favorite. So lets give instant ramen a try.

After class today I went to the grocery store to pick up my bounty. HEB has a little shrine to ramen and instant noodles. It really makes eating for less easy. There were almost too many options to choose from.

Eventually I made my choice and went with the Hot & Spicy Beef flavor from Maruchan. I did not get the iconic brick pack of ramen, but chose to go with the famous Instant Lunch variety.  These packs eliminate dishes and make clean up a breeze.

Preparing this meal could not have been easier. Simply peel back the lid half way, add boiling water up to the line, cover and wait for three minutes.







After waiting for a short eternity I was greeted with a warm meal in a cup. One thing I always do before consuming an unfamiliar food is to get a good sense of its aroma. This particular flavor was reminiscent of Chili Cheese Fritos, not a bad smell but certainly unexpected.  As for the taste, at first there was very little just the burn of the seasoning. My tastebuds acclimated to the spice level and soon enough the broth showed its rich “beefy” flavor.

ramen with crispy tofu

As far as I’m concerned all instant noodles are terrible, but for 68 cents I was very impressed with the flavor of this Instant lunch. The preparation and preparation time were both easy and quick. If you are in a pinch either financially or temporally this may be a goto meal for you.

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