Post exam pick me up.

Mid terms were this week, not to mention last minute projects and bad news. By Thursday night I needed a pick me up. After a much needed nap I rounded up my buddies and headed to A-tan Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar. A-tan is located on Stagecoach Trail in San Marcos, Texas, and is the farthest I have traveled for ramen, in San Marcos, to date.

A-tan bar


When walking into A-tan we were greeted by the bartender and told we would be seated shortly. Looking around you will see the sushi bar which is well put together. the bar itself is well stocked with many different varieties of Japanese sake. Don’t forget that the word bistro is in the name of this establishment. There are garage-like doors, that will open up to fresh San Marcos air when the weather permits, and outside seating.

A-tan Sushi bar

Sushi Bar

For some reason I was not feeling ramen on this night, so I decided to switch things up. I ordered A-tan’s tempura udon. I grew up eating udon and had eaten udon many times at Japanese train stations, and let me tell you this udon did not come close. The broth was almost too light; this was something that both of my friends  said was consistent with their ramen’s broth. In addition the udon noodles had spent just a little bit too much time in the hot tub and were more soggy than noodle like. The tempura on the other hand was crispy and light. I enjoyed it. I was grateful that the waitress allowed me to substitute vegetables in place of the seafood that would have normally adorned the noodle soup.

Two ramens and an udon

I was not impressed with the dish I ate at A-tan, but their sushi spread looked pretty fantastic. My recommendation, if you want sushi this is the place to go. I can not say the same if you want ramen or udon.

Tempura Udon tempura is the fried vegetables around the bowl.

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