Alex French Guy Cooking

Man with chopsticks sitting behind three large bowls of ramen.

Screen Shot from Alex French Guy Cooking on YouTube

If you have not figured it out by this point ramen is a staple of my diet. If I do not find myself at a ramen restaurant I will generally try to make instant ramen. You know, the very inexpensive blocks of noodles that are sold in just about any food store you might find yourself in. Instant ramen is tasty, easy and best of all cheap, unlike the restaurants I’ve been writing about.

In my travels on YouTube I have come across a cooking channel where the process of making the perfect bowl of ramen is explored in great detail. Alex French Guy Cooking  takes the art of making a great bowl of noodle soup to a new level. Starting from the very beginning, all the way to finishing garnishes. His channel explores different broths, oils, seasonings, and even a very in depth look at how he mass produced ramen noodles for his instant and fresh ramen consumption. All of this from his very own kitchen.

Although his channel is not specifically about ramen Alex French Guy Cooking lays out a spectacular series that details what elements go into a good bowl of ramen. From watching his channel I have learned the integral parts that make one of my favorite meals; which in turn has helped me to determine what I am tasting at any of the many ramen establishments I travel to. I have even learned how to spruce up a dull bowl of instant noodles with easily attainable ingredients! If you are looking for an entertaining way to learn about ramen or food in general I highly recommend this channel to you.


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