Saturdays are for studying

I went to class today, Saturday, February 17, 2018. There is an exam coming up in one of my classes and my professor offered to the class to host a Q&A session in order to clear up any confusion we as a class might have about the material. The session was to begin at 10:00 AM and go until about noon. Around 10:15 we realized that our professor was either running late or just not going to make it, so we started without him. Our efforts were productive;  students could explain the material to other students in a way that a student could understand. Eventually I left to go and study with someone who did not make it to the session. Meanwhile, hunger was looming.

About six hours later, I realized I had not eaten since breakfast and was beginning to get hangry. Having had a large breakfast, I managed to fight off the urge to snack or eat a less worthy meal before my trip to this weeks ramen restaurant, so waiting for my friend to show up to the restaurant was quite the task.  Mochi Ramen: located due South of the UAC arch at Texas State University was the destination for tonight’s Ramen Run.

At Mochi, after being greeted by the friendly cashier, you order,  pay at the counter and then seat yourself. With eight ramen options and twelve different toppings, my choice was pretty hard, but tonight I decided to order a chicken based ramen –  number 6 if you’re wondering. I also managed to fit the pork gyoza into my budget for the week! More on those in the next paragraph.



The appetizer came first. Pork gyoza with a vinegar soy dipping sauce served in a plastic jello-shot cup. The hottest part of the dumplings were the part that touched the frying pan while they were being cooked, the rest were just warm enough to be noticeable. I have no complaints taste wise.

My ramen came out in two parts, both at the same time. The bowl with the soup and then a plate with the chicken. The noodles were almost perfect! The broth took some time to get used to. At first I did not notice any flavor but as I progressed through my very decently sized bowl it intensified into something I could drink for days on end. The chicken was fried, better than the Colonel, and served with a drizzle(?) of teriyaki sauce on the plate. I put the chicken in the bowl to condense the photo.

#5 Old Skool and #6 Chicken Shoyu

My friend ordered number five Old Skool. Upon first glance it looked like a traditional bowl of ramen complete with a naruto maki, the pink and white swirly thing. I had a taste of it, and even though it was a chicken base, the prevalent taste was nothing but fish. Not for me.

#5 Old Skool



I left Mochi with a positive impression, a satiated palate and the intent to return, as its location is very convenient. Being within walking distance and also downhill from the campus, makes Mochi Ramen a wise choice for those who want a decently priced and wide selection of Ramen deliciousness.


Once again my friend, Andrew, was not able to finish his bowl of treasured goodness. here’s a picture of his defeat.

Andrew looks on in a daze as he is again unable to complete his bowl of ramen.



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