Love Is In The Air : Grounded

Disclamer: This is not an entry about Ramen but something much cooler (if that is even possible). I had a really neat idea to title this Choppers and Chopsticks and to tie it into the ramen theme. Read on to see why that didn’t happen.

I traveled up to Dallas, Texas, over the weekend to participate in a rare opportunity. One of the prominent Instagram accounts in the DFW area was hosting an event in which attendees would get to ride in a helicopter over Dallas for free. Thats right, FREE! The event was called Love Is In The Air, and was hosted by DTX Street and Longhorn Helicopters as well as a ton of sponsors..


                              Screen shots from @dtxstreet Instagram story.

I began my day energized and and ready to see Dallas from above. With a three and a half hour drive ahead of me, I left with time to spare. About an hour outside of the city, I stopped to get a snack and found that the weather was freezing. This was a less that ideal situation for an outdoor event, but I continued to my destination and arrived before anybody. Little did I know that while I was finding the best parking spot the hosts of the event had cautiously cancelled the event. The cold climate that the weekend had brought was causing ice to form on the helicopter blades not to mention visibility was very low due to fog that had set over the city. I respect the organizers’ decision to cancel, falling out of the sky did not, and still does not, sound like fun to me.

After finding out that my first  helicopter ride ever was now out of reach I wandered around in search of other photographers that were in the same predicament.

The beauty of social media is its ability to connect people. Within minutes I was made aware of another last minute event. With the hashtag #lastminuteDFW a few creators in the area threw together a meet up to hold in place of the canceled.

Hosted at the Dallas Entrepreneurs Center, photographers, videographers and models assembled to network and shoot photos and videos to build their brands. Somewhere in the realm of 100 creatives showed up to the last minute event which went off with out a hitch.

Starting with about an hour and a half of meet and greet time attendees were able to swap info and Instagram usernames to gain more followers. Once we had our fill of snacks, branding and a seemingly endless array of cupcakes we headed out to shoot some photos.

Right away the models and photographers got to work and art was  created. I got some cool photos myself. Although I did not get to ride in a helicopter this time around, I met some great people, and made the best of a not-so-good situation.

By the end of the meet I was cold and tired, too tired even for ramen. Not to mention I was out of money for the day (gas is expensive). Thanks for reading and I promise my next post will be back on topic.

The following are some photos I took during the meet up. Visit My Instagram here.


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